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Chip Chocolate Ice Cream

    This is my in-laws family recipe that they created years ago. When they were young in Pittsburgh, Kansas they went to a local ice cream parlor named the Picco.  It was run by a German family named Scheckenberger that had a family recipe for Chip Chocolate Ice Cream.
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    Over the years they tried to recreate the recipe. They tried chopping, grating and even shaving the chocolate, to no avail, as they tried to make a soft ice cream with chocolate in every bite. Big Zeke, with his degree in physics, concluded that both the chocolate and the ice cream had to be the same consistency for them to blend right. That's how they came up with melting chocolate chips and drizzling it into softened ice cream.
    The ice cream has to soften (not melt) for half an hour or so, until it's just short of soupy, and then whipped on high speed with a hand mixer. Chocolate chips are melted and then cooled. If the chips are too hot, you get chocolate ice cream. If they are too cool, you get chocolate chunks. The chocolate is drizzled into the ice cream as it's being whipped at high speed and then refrozen.

 Chip Chocolate Ice Cream
4 quarts (1 gallon) Prairie farms ice cream, softened
1 cup semisweet Nestle chocolate chips

Melt chocolate chips in top of double boiler, stirring often. Be careful not to scald. Divide ice cream into two large mixing bowls. (It's easier to work with in two batches.) Whip ice cream on high speed until light and smooth. Cool melted chocolate until barely warm and creamy enough to drizzle.

With mixer going on high, slowly drizzle in half of chocolate and immediately get into beaters so that it spreads throughout ice cream. Repeat with second bowl and remaining chocolate. Combine both bowls into one, whipping on high to combine. Pour back into ice cream container and freeze for at least 24 hours. (There may be some excess, so have another plastic container handy.)
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