Tuesday, February 12, 2013

King Cake Cocktail

    For Mardi Gras, it's a New Orleans tradition to make a ring-shaped cakes topped with colorful gold, green and purple icings. In the cake there is a plastic baby Jesus hidden in the center. Whoever gets the baby is supposed to have good luck for the next year and be "King" (or Queen) for the day.
   The hubby was recently browsing through one of my food magazines and came across a drink recipe for Mardi Gras based on the flavors of the famous King Cake. It's cinnamon spiced and the glass has the three colored sugars on the rim. We tried this  drink experiment, but the ingredients became a quest.
   It calls for vanilla vodka (with a couple of drops of almond extract), Grand Marnier, and Irish Cream. The colored sugars themselves were a challenge. The only place I could find them was at a local sweet shop. We had some Orange Curacao on hand so we substituted that for the Grand Marnier. Hey, they are both supposed to be orange flavored. But that was the only thing we substituted. For me that's good.
   Oh boy! What a drink that was! I had envisioned maybe a Mudslide (because of the Bailey's) with a hint of cinnamon and orange, but oh no! What I got was an amped up White Russian with a twist of cinnamon. We tried to dilute it with another touch of Bailey's and that did help it, a little. But it wasn't long until it started to curdle. Well not really, but if the ratio of vodka to cream isn't right, it separates and looks like cottage cheese-to-be. No thanks.
   After a couple of sips, the hubby tells me that he thinks our shot glass is bigger, so what we made was a double. Well, no wonder my head was spinning after about 4 sips. Whew. I've never been a big hard liquor drinker or into the "foo-foo" drinks, so this one is not for me, some however may enjoy completely. Bon chance.

King Cake Cocktail
Glanbia, principal cream supplier to Baileys I...
Glanbia, principal cream supplier to Baileys Irish Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 oz. Vanilla Vodka
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier*
1/2  oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
sprinkle of ground cinnamon
2 drops almond extract
yellow, green and purple colored sugar crystals for rim of glass

*We substituted Orange Curacao

On three small plates put each of the colored sugar crystals separately. Moisten rim of martini glass and roll each side in one of the colored sugars.

Combine vodka, almond extract drops, Grand Marnier and Bailey's into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and then strain into prepared glasses. Top with sprinkle of cinnamon.
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