Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Cake

   Recently it was birthday weekend at our house, one daughter had a birthday on Saturday so I was doing up a BBQ dinner for a dozen, while my other daughter was baking a birthday cake for the granddaughter's first birthday on Sunday. She was working on a bunny cake. I used to make bunny cakes when the kids were little for Easter every year.
    The two round cake pans were pulled out of the oven, cooling, ever so slowly on the stove and I was needing to shift things to start another dish. I felt the cakes lightly on top and they were just slightly warm, so I thought I'd pop them out on a plate to finish cooling. Bad move.
    As I gave the plate a shake, there was no give to the upside down cake on a plate in my hands.  So like many others, I shook harder (yeah, brute force is going to work on a cake) but nothing happened.

    When I was lifted that pan up with my finger tips and saw a half moon of the top of the cake glued still to the pan, I was slightly mortified. I backed off and let the girls take over.
   Our two youngest daughters did a great repair job on a bunny cake. The half that I tried to "help" got made into the ears (one of them slightly deformed) and a bow tie. The one year old granddaughter knew nothing was wrong. She crammed cake from all plates that she could reach right into her little mouth. 

Bunny Cake
1 pkg. your favorite cake mix (egg and oil as directed)
1 pkg. frosting
assorted candy (M&Ms, jelly beans, red hots etc.)

Bake cake as directed for two 8-inch round pans.

Let COOL completely. Loosen edges of cake from pan by running tip of knife around to loosen.

Cover cookie sheet with foil and put one round of cake 2/3 way down cookie sheet with smoothest side up. With remaining half of cake cut two half moons (ears) - so that remaining  part of cake resembles a bow tie. Put bow tie on bottom of cake on cookie sheet and ears on each side. Adjust as needed.

Frost cake. To decorate, use M&Ms for eyes, nose and mouth. Twizzlers are good for center of ears and whiskers. Red hots outline the bow tie. Substitute at will - work with whatever you've got, because kids don't really care. (I used spaghetti for whiskers once.)

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