Saturday, July 27, 2013

Storing Peppers

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    Gardens are starting to come to life here in the Midwest and it's time to make use of produce. Bell peppers are one of my favorite treats. I like to use them in all kinds of dishes for extra flavor, especially when combined with onions, and of course garlic.
    Recently, my neighbor showed me an excellent way to store the peppers for longer shelf life. Usually I try to wash and slice them as soon as I can, so that they are ready to use at a moment's notice. If I have plans for them in the next couple of days, that's an excellent idea. But if I have an extra pepper that I don't plan on using for a few days, here's a great way to keep fresh for over a week.
    As soon as you bring the peppers home, don't wash them, but wrap them in a paper towel and place them in a plastic storage bag. Put them in the vegetable bin in your refrigerator and then wash before using. The paper towel soaks up the excess moisture and the storage bag keeps them fresh.
    I will say that I was skeptical that it would make that much difference, but it did. What before would last 4-5 days, now lasted well over a week. It was well worth the test and I wanted to share this with produce users everywhere.
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