Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn ready for the grill. Photo courtesy of the Cooking Corner.
    Every year we try grilled corn. Most times have not been very successful and we have opted for the oven. It either comes out under cooked or so toasted and charred that flames have occurred. There's nothing like a little excitement at dinner time - flames leaping towards the porch ceiling. Agh!
    This year we finally found a way to do it that works well. Each ear gets slathered in seasoned butter, wrapped in foil and placed on the grill over to the side. The corn needs about an half an hour grilling time, so it can be put on the edges while you preheat and cook the main dish (depending on your fare that night.) The foil keeps the moisture and heat contained while the corn absorbs all of the buttery goodness. How bad can that be?

Grilled Corn
4 ears of corn, shucked and washed
2 T. butter, softened
1 tsp. cilantro

Corn off the grill and ready to eat.
Put butter in a small dish and add seasoning. Stir well to combine. 
Clean corn and sit aside.

Tear foil into 8-inch sections. Lay corn in each section and then rub with butter. Wrap in foil tightly.

While cooking your other food on the grill, place ears of corn to the sides, over indirect
medium high heat for about 30 minutes, rotating often.

Carefully remove from foil packets, it will be hot. Serve and enjoy. Makes 4 ears.

If you're cooking corn for a crowd, like the holidays often bring, here's link to how it can be cooked in a cooler. I haven't tried it yet, but sounds interesting.
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