Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pan-Fried Potato Cubes

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     If you were to take a poll of my kid's favorite breakfast food, the winner would be fried potatoes. Yeah, of course some prefer the biscuits and gravy while others like French toast or pancakes, but all of them request the fried potatoes. This is such an example of "simple is good."
     I cut the potatoes in halves, then in thirds and finally in cubes then pan fry them. Deep fryers are a little messy and smelly for me, so pan-frying is my style. The biggest trick is to cut the spuds up in advance and make sure your oil is hot enough. I always pull them out to drain on paper towel and most importantly, salt when hot. 
     So the next time you're making breakfast for your crew and have a few spuds to spare, try this easy breakfast side. It cooks easily on the side while you're doing the eggs and other components. I always like simple and quick.

Pan Fried Potato Cubes
5-6 medium potatoes
1/8 cup vegetable oil
salt and pepper
optional - 1/8 cup diced onion and/or bell peppers (any color)

Wash potatoes and cut in half (peeling is optional). Lay potatoes flat and cut potatoes in 1/3rds lengthwise. Now cut into cubes.

Add oil to large skillet and heat on medium. Drop 1 potato cube in oil, when it sizzles, oil is ready. Add potato cubes and cook 15-20 minutes, stirring frequently. Sprinkle salt and pepper while flipping potatoes. If adding peppers and onions, let potatoes cook about 5 minutes and then add veggies. Stir often.

When potatoes are at desired crispness, remove to a bowl lined with a paper towel and sprinkle with salt. (Potatoes absorb flavors best when warm.) Serves 4-5.
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