Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rainbow Fruit Tray

Photo courtesy of Jackie Young.

     My granddaughter, as well as all of my kids, are true fruit lovers. So when the five-year-old princess wanted strawberries and blueberries for her birthday, her mother made a really cute fruit plate designed like a rainbow. Originally, it was very pretty but after the pack of small children got through with it, not so much. The taste was good, but the design was gone.
     She also made a little tree of suckers that was an easy part of the treat bag once the fun was done and they bounced out of the door. You take Styrofoam that is used for flower arranging and starting at the bottom, work your way to the top putting suckers in layers. It took 4 bags of suckers.
     The fruit tray is such an easy finger food for special occasions that I just had to share it for the upcoming season.

Rainbow Fruit Tray
strawberries, cleaned and halved
mandarin oranges, drained
diced pineapple
green seedless grapes
miniature marshmallows
gold wrapped candies (optional)

Wash, hull and slice strawberries in half. Drain juices from canned fruit. 

Arrange fruit by color on outside of plate, working your way towards the middle, using 3/4 of plate. Begin with strawberries, then oranges, next green grapes, and blueberries.

Mound mini marshmallows at one end of rainbow and gold wrapped candies at other end, if using. 
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