Monday, December 30, 2013

Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich

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    Is there still a little bit of holiday turkey hanging around? Did you have the adventure of smoking that bird? Combining smoked turkey with smoked cheddar is a great way to use up the leftovers and enjoy the last bit of smokey goodness. The tartness of the tomato on top is a perfect balance of flavors and ensures moisture in sandwich. No bland, dry turkey here.

Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Sandwich
2 thin slices smoked turkey
1 thick slice smoked cheddar cheese
1 slice onion
1 left lettuce
1 slice tomato
1 large soft bun

If desired, heat turkey in microwave about 25 seconds, just to warm. Spread mayonnaise on both sides of buns. Layer turkey on bottom bun, top with smoked cheddar cheese. 

Lay a piece of lettuce on cheese and then top with sliced tomato. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put bun together and enjoy.
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