Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bacon Bloody Mary

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     As far as drinks go, the Bloody Mary has never been one of my favorites, probably because I'm not a fan of tomato juice, amped up or otherwise. You won't catch me adding tomato juice to any pot of chili either, ever. 
   But a few weeks ago, I did try a Bacon Bloody Mary, well, just because curiosity got the better of me. I must say it wasn't what I expected at all. This tasted more like a V-8 on steroids. The only downfall was that we couldn't find bacon flavored vodka so we tried to make our own. If we had strained out the bacon, this would've been fine. My friends suggested using the Bloody Mary mix as a base for some vegetable soup and that sounded like a perfect fit.

 Bacon Bloody Mary
Recipe courtesy Shannon West

Ingredients -
1 liter bold and spicy Bloody Mary mix 
3/4 cup vodka (bacon flavored if you can find it, if not add bacon below) 
1 pkg. real bacon bits
1 slice of bacon per glass for garnish

Preparation -
Mix all ingredients in large pitcher. Let sit in refrigerator until chilled (if you can). Strain out floaties and serve over ice. Makes 1 pitcher.
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