Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bacon Cheeseball

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jennifer Hill.
      Cheeseballs are one of my weaknesses. They spread on crackers and have great contrast in creamy and crunchy textures. With only 4 ingredients, this one is not only creamy and flavorful, but it's also covered in bacon. What's not to like?

Bacon Cheeseball
2 - 8 oz. packet cream cheese
2 - 5 oz. cans Old English Cheese Spread
2 - 1 oz. packets of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix
1 - 3 oz. package of Real bacon bits

Place cream cheese in a large mixing bowl, covered,  at room temperature for 1/2 - 1 hour (until able to mix easily). 

Once cream cheese is spreadable, add cheese spread and dip mix and mix on low speed with a hand mixer until thoroughly blended together. 

Line a small soup bowl with aluminum foil and dish mixture into bowl, making sure to press the mixture into the contour of the bowl. Cover with aluminum foil and place in refrigerator overnight or until cheese mixture is hard and can be easily taken from the aluminum foil.

Shape with hands to round out into a ball. Pour bacon bits on a plate and roll cheese ball until completely covered. 

Place on serving platter and fill in any bare spots with remaining bacon bits. Can be served with crackers and/or crudites.


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