Sunday, June 28, 2015

Candy Sundaes

Photo courtesy of the Cooking Corner

     Recently while watching some of my grandchildren, the spirit of bad grandma over took me. A child's nutritional intake is no longer my responsibility. I am a Grandma. I've paid my dues, done my time and when faced with the problem or what to feed them, I took the easy way out. I fed them ice cream. 
     We had 2 quarts of top-of-the-line vanilla ice cream in the freezer and I had just done some baking so there were leftover mini candy bars and sweet little candy bits. Voila!
     I thought everyone was quite happy until the little darlings threw me under the bus the minute their mother came to collect them.
     "Mom, grandma gave us ice cream for lunch!"
    That's OK, she had to take them home sugared up and all was well in my world once again.

Candy Sundaes
2 scoops ice cream per bowl
2 crushed small candy bars (like Butterfingers or Heaths)
2 T. candy bits (like chocolate chips, Heath bits or Reece's mini cups)
1 T. honey or butterscotch topping (optional)


Place ice cream scoops in bowl and top with candy bits. 

Drizzle honey or other topping over ice cream and serve immediately. 

Enjoy the children bouncing out the door. Makes 1 serving each.


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