Friday, January 15, 2016

Slippery Nipple Pudding Shots

Photo courtesy of the Cooking Corner.
     A while back the girls and I got together for a night of cards. We all bring a dish to share. Of the variety of dishes, the real star that night was a twist on the familiar Jell-O shot, only using pudding. One of the girls brought Mudslide, Slippery Nipple and Pistachio pudding shots. How creative! 
    These are made by mixing pudding, alcohol and Cool Whip. The combinations are almost limitless and very easy to make. If you have an upcoming party this might be something to think about.

Slippery Nipple Pudding Shots
1 small box (3.4 oz.) instant butterscotch pudding
3/4 cup milk
3 oz. Irish cream liqueur
3 oz. butterscotch schnapps
8 oz. Cool Whip

Combine cold milk and pudding in a medium bowl. Mix with an electric mixer or whisk until smooth. Blend in your choice of liquors.

Fold in the Cool Whip until thoroughly blended. 

Fill cups and chill.


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