Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slowcooker Cubed Steaks

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  It's been busy lately, extra work, holiday shopping and birthdays. It never seems to stop. When things get hectic, I get out my crockpot. There was a birthday party that we needed to attend, so I browned some cubed steaks and put them in the slow cooker. That way I only had to fix a quick veggie and nuke a potato as sides when we were finally ready to eat. Usually I just brown them in the skillet and cook them for an hour or so on the back burner, but we weren't going to be home and the slow cooker seemed safer.
  These "steaks" turned out to be very tender. No knives were needed and the gravy kept the meat moist. This is an easy way to have dinner when you're on the go.

Crockpot Cubed Steak 
4 beef cubed steaks
favorite dry rub (see postings in spices section)
McCormick's steak seasoning
garlic powder
2 T. oil
1 can or jar beef gravy

   Sprinkle steaks with dry rub, steak seasoning, pepper and garlic powder. In large skillet, heat oil and cook steaks about 4-5 minutes per side, just until browned. 
   Pour 1/4 of gravy on bottom of crockpot, just enough to cover the bottom. Remove steaks to slow cooker. Pour remaining gravy over top of meat. Cook on low 2-4 hours. Good with mashed or baked potatoes. Serves 4.  Recipe can easily be doubled, no extra cooking time required.
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