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Smoked Salmon Fillets

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   My husband and his family are big on salmon, me - not so much. I have however learned to like it well seasoned. We've found the easiest way to fix salmon is to buy it in individually frozen packages. It only takes 30 minutes to thaw and comes with plenty of seasoning to hide any fishy taste. I, of course, prefer the Blackened or Cajun variety.
   When we got our new smoker, this is how we did it. The biggest trick with any fish is to not over cook it.

Smoked Salmon Fillets
2-3 portions, frozen salmon fillets
   (Blackened or Cajun seasoned preferred)
optional seasoning -  1 T. Blackened spice

Thaw salmon packets in cold water 30 minutes.

To prepare smoker, soak wood chips 30 minutes. Spray grates with nonstick spray. Start charcoal and let heat until coals are white. Add wood chips.

Place salmon over hottest part of grill (250 degrees or so). If unseasoned, sprinkle with blackened spice. Let smoke for 30 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Meat should be soft, tender and moist. Serves 2.
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