Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hilltop Tavern's Potato Salad

   Twenty minutes northeast of downtown Princeton, you will find the small town of Hazleton and a "diamond in the ruff" known as the Hilltop Tavern.
   When I asked owner Lucy Adkins, what is done by hand besides hand-pattied burgers, hand-cut steaks, she told me the sides - mashed potatoes, potato salad, slaw, cucumber and onions and even a cheese sauce that tops the dishes, upon request.
  Thanks to Lucy, here's their version of potato salad.

Hilltop Tavern's Potato Salad
10 lb. red potatoes
2 dz. eggs, hard boiled
1 pt. sweet relish
1 1/2 cup pimento, chopped
6-7 stalks celery, finely chopped
2 qts. Miracle Whip 1/4 cup (or so) mustard
When you cook the potatoes, add 2-3 T. white vinegar to the water. Cool and cut up cold. Mix all ingredients. Refrigerate to blend flavors.
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