Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ham and Swiss on Cibatta

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   Sandwiches are one of the easiest "fall-back" meals that you can find. If you can put it between bread, you can make a meal. But isn't it fun to have better bread? Just a little different taste and texture can change up the whole idea. 
   Recently I found some poppy seed ciabatta rolls in the discount bakery section and decided to dress up some deli fare that was on hand. The texture is a little chewier than some breads and they hold up well with lettuce, tomato and various condiments. The poppy seed is a nice flavor bonus, though any variety could be used.
   A salad or potato on the side and you've got an easy meal.

Ham and Swiss on Ciabatta
Poppy Seed Ciabatta rolls
black forest ham, sliced thin
baby Swiss cheese, sliced thin
4-5 slices pepperoni
1-2 slices tomato

lemon pepper
spicy (or brown) mustard

Slice open ciabatta rolls. On bottom bun spread spicy mustard.

Top with ham, cheese, pepperoni and tomato. Sprinkle tomato with lemon pepper, then top with lettuce. Spread mayonnaise on top bun.

Serve as is or microwave 25 seconds to soften bread. Bread can be lightly toasted beforehand for more crunch if desired.

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