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Reuben Roller Wrap

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   One of my friends moved into a new house a little while back so she was the hostess of our girls' poker night recently. We got to play cards and admire her new place. The kitchen was also a nice attraction, with lots of space. She's got an island in the center that is also the stove. I see both good points and bad in that combination, but it was very handy.
    Of course we had to bring food. Isn't that the basis for any good party? There was shrimp and dip, assorted cheese balls and even bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed chicken wings. Yum!
   My contribution however was focused on St. Patrick's Day. With that holiday just weeks away, I was experimenting on the girls once again. I was tempted to try a recipe I ran across that was called "Emerald Isle Dip," using a rye bread shell with chopped corned beef in the dip. I'm glad I opted out of that one, one of the other girls brought a spinach dip in a bread round.
   What I decided to bring was a wrap with all the flavors of a Reuben, but cut appetizer size. I filled it a with corned beef, black forest ham, Swiss cheese and used Thousand Island to tie the flavors together.
   The big question I had was to use sauerkraut or not?? I don't mind it, but for many it has too strong of a flavor. I opted to please the masses and used a bag of slaw mix, spiced up and mixed with the salad dressing. It was a nice light combination, and actually tasted better the day after. As it turns out, the girls all like sauerkraut anyway. Go figure.

   Not only would this be perfect as a St. Patrick's Day appetizer, but since the basketball games of March Madness are near, what a great game-time snack this would make.

Note - Read directions below, the trick is in the rolling. Some things are not as easy as they seem.

Reuben Rollers ready for the fridge.
Reuben Roller
5-10 inch soft shells (fajita size)
1-8 oz. tub soft cream cheese
1/2 lb. corned beef deli meat, sliced thin
1/2 lb. black forest ham, sliced thin
5 slices Swiss cheese
4 cups shredded slaw mix
1/4 tsp. celery seed
1 T. onion, diced fine
1/2 cup Thousand Island dressing

In small bowl, combine softened cream cheese, celery seed and diced onion. Mix well.

In medium bowl, combine slaw mix and Thousand Island dressing so that slaw is moistened.

On top of soft shell, spread layer of cream cheese mixture almost to edges.

On one half of soft shell, layer beef and then ham. Top with sliced cheese. Spoon a thin layer of slaw mix on top of cheese.

From the side that's filled, roll towards the unfilled side, wrapping tightly as you go. Place wraps on plate and let chill for 30 minutes or so.

Cut ends off so that wraps are even. Slice in about 2 inch sections, about 6 per wrap. Makes 30 appetizers.

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