Friday, April 26, 2013

Power outage tips for your freezer

Our freezer after buying a half hog from Kenny Dewig Meats.
   While web surfing one day, I found an article written about preparing your freezer for power outages. The poor victims in this case were the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Some of them were without power for many days. The same advice applies to us in the Midwest during thunderstorm waves or frozen power lines during a blizzard. A few years ago, nearby Paducah, Kentucky experienced this hardship.
     Here are a few things that can help when a power outage is a possibility. The most important thing to note is that a full freezer will keep food longer than one half full. (See note #5 below.)
To prepare in advance -
1. Get a generator to periodically run freezer.
2. Move food to family or friend with power.
3. Store frozen food in plastic bags or containers so if thawed, they won't  drip. (Examples - meat, poultry, or fruits.)
4. Store bags of store-bought ice if possible.
5. Place baggies or containers almost full of water around frozen food. Once they're frozen they'll help food stay frozen longer.
When the power is out - 
1. Keep door closed as much as possible.
2. Put frequently used items in a cooler, reducing open door time.
3. Add dry ice if you can.
When the power is back on -
1. Don't keep door open for a long time, but see if food is spoiled. If in doubt, throw it out.
2. If frozen food still has ice crystals, it can be refrozen.
3. Usually, most insurance companies cover food lost during a weather disaster covered on your homeowner policy. Check to be sure.
While we can all benefit from these basic tips, those who buy whole cows, hogs and chickens should take note.
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