Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grilled Bourbon Glazed Salmon

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     My hubby is a fan of salmon. Me, well not so much. I like it if it's well seasoned and you take the fishy smell away. If it's marinated, blackened or glazed, I'm in for that.
    Recently one of the local market's had some bourbon glazed salmon on sale for a great deal. I knew that way, the hubby and I would both be happy. It did surprise me when he wanted to grill it. Lately, I've been cooking it in a covered dish in the microwave so that it stays moist. (The hubby tends to over cook it.)
    This time he got it right. He gave it a few minutes over indirect heat to cook it and then flipped it over direct heat for just a tad to give it some grill marks and barely sear the outside. With salmon, less cooking is often better. Remember it not a dense meat and tends to continue cooking after removing it from the heat
Grilled Bourbon Glazed Salmon
2 pieces ( 5 oz. each) bourbon glazed salmon
non stick cooking spray

Spray grill with cooking spray and heat to 350.

Cook over indirect heat 5 minutes. 
Flip and place directly over heat 2 minutes. Flip again. 

Remove heat to covered casserole dish and let set until ready to eat.
If it needs reheating, place covered dish in microwave 30 seconds.

Serves 2.
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