Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smoked Grippo's Chicken Quarters

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    There is a constant conflict at my house. The family doesn't like bone-in chicken and I like to buy it cheap with the bone. Chicken quarters are one of the most affordable ways to go when buying chicken. The only trouble with that is that I'm stuck taking out the bones. OK, I can live with that for the price savings.
    Since it's grilling season and the hubby has a smoker, we decided to do the quarters on the smoker and then finish cooking them in the oven. I used some Grippo's seasoning sprinkled on them for extra flavor.
    The next day, after they cooled, I picked through the bones and got enough chicken out of those quarters for three different dishes - smoked chicken salad, chicken and noodles and chicken Alfredo. That's not bad for 4 pieces of chicken, and no bones to boot.

Smoked Grippo's Chicken Quarters
4 chicken quarters
1 T. Grippo's BBQ seasoning
cracked black pepper
Sprinkle pepper and Grippo's on chicken and let set in covered dish while preparing grill. This can be done 2-6 hours in advance and stored in refrigerator.

Prepare smoker.
Soak wood chips. 
Spray with cooking spray. 
Put inch of water in a pan and place under grates.


Smoke quarters for 2 hours, rotating and flipping after the first hour.
Remove from smoke and place in baking dish. Cover in foil. Place in warm oven for another hour on 250.

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