Monday, August 25, 2014

Deep Fried Cinnamon Rolls

Photo courtesy of the Cooking Corner.
     When our Navy girl blew into town a few weeks ago, she and her boyfriend invaded my kitchen. We sampled deep fried mac and cheese, onion petals, bell peppers and mushrooms. However our favorite by far was deep fried cinnamon rolls. These little bits of dough puff up in the oil, only take a few minutes and taste remarkably like funnel cakes or an offshoot of a New Orleans beignet. They must have made at least 3 batches of these little sweets, they were that good. Of course we had to try them with the icing warmed and also with sprinkled powdered sugar. Both worked out just fine.

Deep Fried Cinnamon Rolls
1 pkg. refrigerator cinnamon rolls
1/2 gallon cooking oil
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Heat oil in large pot or deep fryer.

Spread cinnamon roll dough out and roll into 1/2 inch balls. (They puff up.)

Drop in hot oil, turning frequently, until lightly golden. Remove to paper towel lined plate. 
Continue cooking in small batches until done. 

Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired or dip into glaze. 

In microwave, heat sugar glaze for 15 seconds until warm and pliable for dipping.


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