Monday, December 7, 2015

Cuban Slider

Photo courtesy of the Cooking Corner.
    A few weeks ago, one of our favorite news shows highlighted the Cuban sandwich. Although it's named Cuban, this sandwich is a mixture of heritages. It starts on a Cuban roll, much like a hoagie bun, that's layered with ham (from the Spanish), slices of marinated roast pork (from the Cubans) and a layer of Genoa salami (thanks to local Sicilians), accompanied by Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard (from the Jewish community). After assembly the sandwich is pressed or warmed, much like a panini. It is delicious.
   Recently at work, we had a soup and sandwich potluck. One of our coworkers with a talent for cooking brought in Cuban Sliders for the group. These little hand-held sandwiches had soft buns, melted gooey cheese with a nice meaty center that was topped off with the twang of pickles and mustard.

Cuban Slider
recipe courtesy Mark Short
1 small pork roast (slow roasted in oven 8-9 hours)
1 lb. pkg. black forest ham (deli sliced)
2 pkg. sliced Swiss cheese
2 pkg. Hawaiian sweet rolls (original)
1 jar sliced dill pickles
yellow mustard

Slow roast pork covered with your favorite dry rub in oven for 8-9 hours at no more than 250 degrees. Let rest and then slice or pull pork. 

Open Hawaiian rolls and lightly spread mustard on both sides. On bottom bun layer slice of ham, then pork and top with sliced Swiss. Place 3 pickles on top and then cover with top bun. 

Makes 24 small sandwiches. 


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