Monday, July 12, 2010

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork and Slaw.
   Our friends, Mike and Amy, have a smoker and a great way of doin' up pork butt. Trust me, I've tasted it. So last weekend when butts were on sale (under $1 lb.) I picked one up, threw it in the freezer and inquired, "how do you do that?"
   So this week, I thawed a 6.5 lb. butt and saw visions of roast pork for days. (This is what I was supposed to do.) The instructions were to -
   1. Give it a dry rub the night before then smoke for 30 minutes. 
   2. Move meat to direct heat on grill for 10-12 minutes per side to brown. 
   3. Then put butt in center of double layer of heavy duty foil in (sprayed) pan and pour 1 can cherry coke along bottom of the meat. Wrap tightly. 
   4. Put in 300 oven for 7 hours (1 hour per pound). Low and slow, always the best way.
   5. When done, let cool for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Shred (or pull apart) pork and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce (or not, plain roasted is good, too).

   (Now, what I actually did) was to - 
   1. Give it a dry rub (garlic powder, McCormick's mesquite seasoning (I was using mesquite wood chips), brown sugar, Kosher salt and cracked black pepper) about an hour before grilling. 
   2. Hubby and I smoked it for half an hour, then browned 3 sides of the butt (fourth side was a tad thin). 
   3. After pouring some Pepsi (didn't have cherry coke on hand) along bottom of meat, I wrapped it in foil and put in oven for 7 hours.
   I was a little worried when some Pepsi spewed forth along the bottom, however all was fine - really fine. 
   4. I uncovered the foil and let it cool for about 45 minutes, then couldn't resist starting to pull it apart. Oh, so tender. 
   I dumped a little BBQ sauce on some, called the kids for dinner, then realized I had not one bun in the house. I think we went through a loaf of bread that night - go figure.
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